A Holiday on Maui for Your Pet Rock

Seven Days and Six Nights at Da Rockin’ Surf Shack Resort on Maui. Includes return air fare. Maximum weight 29 lbs. Please contact us about heavier rocks and International air fare. – $39 per week.

Group Rates

All Aboard!

If your pet rock is willing to share their travel and accommodations with their friends and/or family, they can bring additional pet rock friends for only $15 each, per week. Maximum total weight is 29 lbs. for the group.



By Owner of Pet Rock Net -, CC BY-SA 3.0,
Family Photo

Your pet might want to do something exciting, something out-of-the ordinary during their holiday. Below is a list of popular activities for Maui visitors. All of the prices are for 1 to 6 Pet Rocks.

We assure you that any time your pet leaves the resort they will be accompanied by a reliable staff member of Pet Rock Holidays at all times.

Surfing Lessons

Beginner surfing lessons with a professional instructor. 1 hour. Lots of photos! – $95

Top of Haleakala

A guided tour to the top of Haleakala crater, over 10,000 ft. high. 6 to 8 hours, with lots of stops to admire the views. Lots of photos! – $199

The Road to Hana

A guided tour of the 42 miles of the winding, twisting Road to Hana, stopping atĀ  major attractions. Drive through tropical jungle, swim in a waterfall and visit the Garden of Eden. 6 to 8 hours. Lots of photos! – $249

Tour Around Haleakala Volcano

A guided tour of the Road to Hana and beyond, Your professional guide will take you all the way around East Maui (Haleakala Volcano), stopping to see the sights and attractions, with lots of scenic photos. 12 to 14 hours. – $349

West Maui Mountains

A guided tour as we drive around the West Maui Mountains, stopping to see sights like blowholes and authentic Hawaiian villages. 5 to 7 hours, with lots of photos. – $199

Additional Activities

We’ll be happy to arrange any special trip or tour that you want for your Pet Rock, including inter-island travel, horseback rides, hikes, fine dining at 5-star resorts or… Just let us know!

Refunds & Exchanges

All refund or exchange claims must be submitted within three days of making your reservation, or of receipt of your merchandise.

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