Make Your Home a Destination Resort

Want to be a part of Pet Rock Holidays and Pet Rock Vacations? You can!

Imagine owning a domain like,, or even Wouldn’t that be cool? is available

You’ll get a pre-installed WordPress website and one year of hosting, with tech support, on Complete website development, programming, training, and marketing services are available at reasonable fees.

You’ll also get a dozen email addresses for your new website. You can be or

All franchises will have prominent advertising on the parent website.

Requirements is available
  1. You must have a physical presence in the location you franchise. A home, an office, a relative, or a friend that resides there, and has a physical mailing address in or quite near the franchise name (Paris, Helsinki, Fargo, etc.).
  2. Somebody must be at that location year-round, OR you must block reservation and service dates on your website (merchandise sales can be year-round, of course).
  3. You must be committed to customer service. People are entrusting you with their loved ones; you’ve got to process them, care for them, and return them in good condition and on a timely basis. Customer complaints would be the primary cause for canceling a franchise agreement.
  4. You must perform the contracted additional services, such as tours and classes. Assume that every Pet Rock has a GPS chip inside. Document all activities with photographs. The customers will love the photos, and they’ll prove your credibility. We don’t ever want to be a part of some sensationalist fraud expose someday, all because some reporter mailed us a Pet Rock with a GPS chip in it and we didn’t take it surfing. Honesty is the best policy.
  5. That’s about it. How much can go wrong with taking care of a rock? The franchise package contains a pamphlet of guidelines, showing how we photographically document the arrival and identification of each Pet Rock, partner with local individuals to fulfill the contracted tours and lessons, and how the local neighborhood in general participates in and loves what we’re doing.
  6. You can also sell merchandise. We’ll help you with the design, printing, and order fulfillment of that profit center, too. Everything can be drop shipped; you don’t handle any merchandise unless you want to.

Franchise Fees is available

The initial franchise investment is $499 US, and annual renewal is $100 US.

Contact for more information, or text me at 808-268-6480. I’m on Hawaii time, which is GMT-10.

Join the team! It’s a fun business!

Waipuilani Beach Park, Kihei, Hi


PET ROCK® is a Registered Trademark™ of Rosebud Entertainment, LLC. Please Note:

  • and its related domain names have no affiliation with Rosebud Entertainment, Gary Dahl, his estate, or heirs.
  • Our services are not meant in any way to be an infringement upon their trademark.
  • Heck, we don’t even sell rocks, we just entertain and take care of them.

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